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Starting a Vineyard

CloudSpec Spectral Analysis of Wine Color & Phenolic Compounds   CloudSpec Individual and Packaged Analyses   CloudSpec licenses the use of their software on a per user basis for $1,000 per year. Knowing that many smaller wineries are not going to purchase their own instrument, CloudSpec has contracted with Tamanend to provide service analyses and an incremental licensing agreement per subscriber with their clients. This agreement provides the most economically viable option for wineries to participate in the use of this groundbreaking instrumentation.   The subscription provides the license for access to the AWRI anthocyanin/phenolic compound computation software used to calculate the final quantitative results from the spectral analysis from the CloudSpec instrument.   Each subscription can be paid monthly or annually, based on the annual number of tests chosen by the subscriber. Choose the lowest rate you would expect to pay. You will never be charged more on an annual basis, due to the flexibility of the chart below.   For example, if your winery contracts for 20 samples per year and, as it turns out, you need 25 tests, we don’t ask you to increase the subscription to the next level until your sample use exceeds 33 in that year.   License fees: 20 analyses at $7.50 per test, until 33 per test, when it drops to $5.00/test 50 analyses at $5.00 per test, until 60 tests, when it drops to $3.00/test 100 analyses at $3.00 per test, until 208 tests, when it drops to $2.50/test 250 analyses at $2.50 per test, until 300 tests, when it drops to $1.50/test 500 analyses at $1.50 per test, until 666 tests, when no cost subscription period. Over 1000 tests, $1,000 for unlimited tests     Color $15.00 Phenolics $30.00 Both Phenolics & Color $40.00 AWRI Acidified & Bleached $60.00 Grape 200 Berry Analysis $50.00 Package (All but Berry) $100.00ontent and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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