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Helping Wine from Grape to Glass...

Wine consulting since 1985

                                                 Company Background


Tamanend Wine is a company that combines the interests, abilities and experience of Linda Jones McKee, the president, and Richard Carey, the consulting enologist. Both of them are passionate about the wine industry and have spent much of their professional time in this industry.


If you are a vineyard or winery owner with a story to tell, an academic researcher wanting to spread the word to the wine industry about a current project, or a writer with articles on grape growing or winemaking that you would like to get into print, Linda can help you find ways to get your ideas and concepts published. She has spent the last 35 years honing her editorial skills and knows the wine industry from top to bottom.


Now if you have a problem with grape growing, winemaking, vineyard planting or winery building, then contact Dr. Richard Carey. He has been in this industry professionally since 1977. There are very few people in this industry with Richard’s breadth of wine experience – at one time or another, he has made wine from almost everything that could possibly be fermented and from some that shouldn’t have been (forget about wine from dates – it tastes like rocket fuel)!

                             Mission Statement


It is the mission of Tamanend Wine to provide the wine industry with cutting edge technology, insight into the workings of the grape and wine industry operations, and current information about the grape and wine industry through articles in Wines & Vines magazine.


Through its three DBA'a Alpha Wine Services, Alpha Winery Software and Alpha Wine Lab, Tamanend Wine also aspires to help winemakers, grape and fruit growers to produce the best product they can make from the fruits of their choice. ​


All the while not compromising on the final quality of the product produced.

 All the while not losing sight of the fact we must have fun doing what we do, while doing it well.

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