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Linda Jones McKee

Linda is President of Tamanend Wine, Inc. For Tamanend, she is now Wine Business Monthly's  Eastern Editor. She has been a journalist and publisher for over 30 years, and started in the wine industry as co owner of Wine East, a magazine specializing in news of grapes and wine for wineries East of the Rocky Mountains 1985. In 2008 Wines & Vines bought the magazine and she became the editor of the Wine East section of the magazine, and now since January 2019, she is the Eastern Editor of that magazine. Wines & Vines, a publication of the Wine Communications Group, converted that magazine into an online wine analytics publication and moved all of its wine and grape journalists  to its other publication Wine Business Monthly.


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Richard Carey, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Carey is a plant physiologist who became a winemaker in 1977 in California. He has been a consultant to the wine industry for the last 40 years, traveling around the world working with wineries. In 1995 he moved from California to the East Coast to help wineries learn how to make better wines in this challenging climate. His expertise applies the best of modern technology to achieve styles of traditional wines or extend the reach of wine to the limits of your imagination.


He will endeavor to make the best of your wine style to make the best wine possible for you, whether that wine is from the highest quality grape or from pumpkin, blueberry and more.

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