Producer and Customer Obligations

  1. Allsupplies, fruit and expendable material for production is to be delivered toTWI at Producer expense
    • Fermentationsupplies delivered such as yeast, nutrients, malolactic bacteria, etc.
    • Woodencooperage and/or oak amendments
    • Packagingsupplies such as bottles, corks, capsules, labels, bag in box supplies, etc.
  2. Winemakingdirection (consultation) is an additional cost over and above Fees for Service
  3. Producer is responsible for payment/delivery of all bottling supplies.
  4. As bottler, TWI must apply for TTB label approval.
  5. Producer must supply 2 printer proofs for label application 90 days prior to bottling (do not print labels until application is approved)
  6. If producer wishes to attach trade name on the label (DBA), they must notify TWI 120 days prior to bottling to be added to TWIfederal permit
  7. Bottling is inclusive in Case Fee assuming 750ml non-tapered bottle
  8. Pre bottling sheet listing supplies required must be filled out and returned two weeks in advance of bottling.
  9. All packaging materials are to be delivered 7 to 10 days prior to bottling date.
    • Outsidethese parameters will incur additional charges.
  10. Wine delivered for processing in glass containers are inappropriate for commercial transportation and thus we assume no responsibility for their integrity or the wine contained in this type of container.
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