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Cross Flow Filtration Services

On site cross flow filtration is a great way to clean up your wine and to microbologically stabilize them.

We come to your winery.

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Learn more about Cross Flow Filtration here:  crosflow2016.pdf

Cold Stabization Stabilization of Wine 

​Cold Microbiological Stablization of Wine. Now you can safely bottel without Sorbate or other persistent materials that change the flavor of your wine. Alpha Wine Services is the ONLY mobile service provider on the East Coast that can cold stabilize your wines. Check out the brochure on Velcorin Dosing.

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​View the VELCORIN® brochure and read more about how Velcorin protects your wine and then disappears.

VELCORIN® is the trade name for dimethyldicarbonate (DMDC), a microbial control agent produced by LANXESS. Since 1988, VELCORIN technology has been used in the United States in wine, low-alcoholic wine and juice, juice sparklers, sports drinks, and ready-to-drink teas. VELCORIN technology is very effective at low dosages against a broad range of yeast, bacteria and molds. Unlike other chemical preservatives, VELCORIN (DMDC) is non-persistent and does not affect wine taste, bouquet or color. In addition, DMDC can remain active for several hours depending on hydrolysis rate), thereby helping to eliminate contamination from sources such as bottles, closures and filling equipment